Francesca Morlachi obras

Francesca Morlacchi, painter born in 1976; I attended the Andrea Fantoni Art Institute in Bergamo and one year of painting in Brera. My works are purely figurative where I prefer the study and analysis of horses, portraits of faces and female nudes. Currently my artistic path develops in the search for the perfect tonal and chromatic brushstroke, and in the desire to make the portrayed subjects ‘alive’. I have always had good artistic qualities from an early age and a great love for horses, and I am combining these two great passions, trying to create chromatic poetry that thrills me and that thrills the spectators, in the space-time of a simple blank canvas. . Currently I have exhibited both nationally and internationally, with excellent criticisms and reviews, as well as several honorable mentions and plaques of merit. ‘I dream of painting and then I paint my dream’ (Vincent Van Ghog)

Francesca Morlachi obras 2